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Meeting Brooke

So I have been following this amazing artist, Brooke Shaden, for a couple years now like a cyber stalker… haha! It had …

Forecast for Snow Inside Today

Late afternoon sun through large warehouse windows reveals many treasures, but what attracts the most attention? A legless doll and fake snow …

NYC in the Light

Since I did a blog post dedicated to NYC at night, it is only fair that I should post

We Meet Again, City Cat

City Cat, City Cat what beautiful eyes! They sparkle like a many faceted gem. City Cat, City Cat will you be my …

Flora Foto Bomb

Looks like these beautiful lilies are being photo bombed by one that hasn’t bloomed yet.

In My Attic?

Look what I found in my attic today. Do you think she will grant me three wishes? I better choose very carefully…