Embrace Everyday Moments


During dinner tonight, I noticed that colors from the book jacket on my son’s library book went nicely with the back cushion of his seat. Suddenly, I felt inspired to make an image of him holding the book in such a way that I could see him, the front cover and the back cushion. You know to document how he is such an avid reader. He was very reluctant to cooperate, so I said “All I ask is that I can see at least one of your eyes.”


And this is what I got. As it turns out, I love this image. It’s very natural looking because it was not forced and just in the moment. Moral of the story… When you feel inspired, embrace the moment. It will soon pass to never happen again. May my son keep trying to ruin these photo opps because they produce such great and precious moments!


Oh, and not to be out done… my daughter also wanted her own one eyed image!



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