Meeting Brooke

So I have been following this amazing artist, Brooke Shaden, for a couple years now like a cyber stalker… haha! It had always been my hope to meet her one day because I just knew she would be as wonderful in person as she came across on-line and in the interviews I’ve seen. My lucky day was just about a month ago during the PDN Photoplus Expo in NYC when they offered a three hour workshop with Brooke! I signed up right away and was not disappointed. The workshop was fantastic, and Brooke was a real sweetheart. She has a passionate and creative spirit that really shines, and she treats everyone like they are very special. It was a magical morning with dumpster diving, a stop to Duane Reade for cheap props, rolling in mud and spaghetti! Yes, you read that correctly.

Since I prefer pictures to words, here was my experience in pictures (and a few words – mouse over to read the captions):